MKT-402, Integrated Marketing Communications

The Integrated Marketing Communication program is designed for students interested in integrated study of advertising, direct marketing, public relations, publicity, personal selling, sales promotion and digital marketing communication technologies. Emphasis is placed on the ways IMC is used to ensure consistency of messages and complementary use of media in order to maximize the impact on consumers and other audiences. Topics include an evaluation of the role of promotion in marketing and the economy; the formulation and analysis of promotional goals; planning, organizing, and controlling the promotion function; creative planning; and budgeting and media selection.

Attached Files

  • Course outline_IMC
  • Message strategies
  • advertising management part 1
  • IMC Module 1
  • Executional framework
  • copywriting
  • media selection
  • Maslow needs and ad
  • Advertising appeal
  • advertising management part 2
  • Ogilvy on advertsing
  • sales promotion reading materials
  • facebook contest examples
  • sales promotion