MKT-416; Brand Management

This course is designed to develop the necessary knowledge and skills for creating and managing brands that resonate with customers and allow the marketing organization to build and maintain customer equity in the 21st century. More specifically the course will outline a range of branding theories, concepts, strategies and practices addressing across a range of real world contexts, product types and industries. Topics include assessing brand meaning, brand equity; brand positioning, brand sense, blue ocean strategies, leveraging secondary brand association, evaluating brand extensions, brand audit and building brands via social media.

Attached Files

  • Marketing today
  • Course outline_BRAND
  • Country of origin
  • Module 3
  • Best Global Brand report 2015
  • Brand Module 1.1
  • Brand Module 1.2
  • Brand module 2
  • Reading material Brand experience
  • Brand Personality
  • Co-branding
  • Leveraging secondary brand associations
  • Brand assignment outline
  • Positioning
  • Differentiate or die
  • Reading materials-positioning
  • brand experience
  • Blue ocean strategy
  • Gillette Blue ocean strategy
  • brand sense
  • brand sense case
  • Diff or Die reading materials
  • Reading materials_brand elements
  • Reading materials_marketing today
  • MKT 8605_course outline